It is a violation and torture of 8 young women aged 13 to 24 years of age with an extreme barbarism : imprisonment

Il viole et torture 8 jeunes femmes de 13 à 24 ans avec une extrême barbarie : perpétuité

Mohamed Kharbouch was sentenced Friday on appeal by the assize Court of the Vaucluse to the life imprisonment for rape of 8 young women, aged 13 to 24 years of age, committed to Rochefort du Gard and Avignon.

This 35 year old man bails out of the same sentence that in the first instance. The accused has expressed remorse.

It is unlikely to be hurt by life in prison for a crime that does not result in death. But the rapes were of such barbarism that the jurors sentenced him to the maximum sentence.

In September 2011, a young girl of 21 years had been found in a state of shock, the wounded face, in a park in Avignon.

She had been abducted the previous day by the accused and taken her to a hotel where Mohamed Kharbouch was beaten with gun butts before forcing her to snort cocaine. He had then raped her with a violence unheard of.

Seven other victims will eventually be identified. Each will report how the man was tortured, and transformed into sex toys in the terrifying and the droguant of force.