It is called Lachance and bears its name well : it miraculously survives an accident

Il s'appelle Lachance et porte bien son nom : il survit miraculeusement à un accident

This American 18-year-old called Samuel Lachance and bears his name.

On the 22nd of January last, he was at the wheel of his car on a road near the town of Dublin, New Hampshire (United States).

For a moment, his vehicle is offset to the left and came crashing into a truck coming the opposite. The shock was so violent that the car the young man was set ablaze immediately.

The accident was recorded by the “dashcam” by Marc Cramer, which followed the drive from Lachance.

Marc Cramer and his son, John rushed to pulling the victim out of his car in flames. The motorist suffers burns, cuts and head trauma. But, by a miracle, his days are not in danger.