It is filmed 20 times raping his dog

Il se filme à 20 reprises en train de violer son chien

Terry Yetman, 38 years old, was filmed about a dozen times in the process of raping her dog.

This is a result of anonymous information that the investigators have discovered these videos where the mother sexually abuse of his animal.

A few weeks earlier, the suspect, who is a police officer, was given an award as the result of processing of cases of family violence.

His colleagues were stunned in discovering trends zoophiles. Because it was a keeper of the peace the view of other police officers, and respected by his superiors.

Terry Yetman has surrendered to authorities on Wednesday, December 19 at Bossier City, Louisiana (United States).

The police officer has been charged with 40 counts of: 20 for the sexual abuse on the animal, and 20 to have to have them filmed. He faces a hefty prison sentence.