It is Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studio, who will take care of the next films on the X-Men






After a year of intense negotiations, it is finally Disney has purchased the group 21st Century Fox, and if the transaction will be effective only in the first half of 2019, we should expect a lot of changes and big announcements.

We must admit that we are very much divided when we think about the sale of the Fox to Disney. On one side, it makes us downright freaking out by the studio of Mickey Mouse sitting up even more its place as the master of the world, and that so much power should never be concentrated in the hands of a mouse (even gloved), and on the other, we say that it is still super cool for fans of Marvel, because they are going to explode in the coming decades.


The takeover of the century


In fact, with this buyout, it is the insurance to see the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and other Deadpool joining the MCU, and, somewhere, it’s pretty exciting. If the Fox tries to get currently of X-Men : Dark Phoenix (gone shooting), and especially of the New Mutants (where is the big mess), Disney is already thinking of the sequel.

And in particular, the president of the studio, Bob Iger, who comes quietly to declare, at the microphone in the Hollywood Reporter that it’s that good old Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studio, which was going to have the heavy responsibility of bringing all this beautiful world in their new home :


First-class funeral for the franchise X-Men ?


“It totally made sense. I have to be very careful what I say here, compared to what has been communicated to our friends of the Fox, but I think they are aware. It is logical that anything related to Marvel is being managed by the same entity. There can’t be two Marvel.”

So yes, it is the most logical, and this only confirms what we thought from the beginning. That said, there still remains one unknown : Deadpool. For the moment, nothing has been clarified as to his status in the MCU, or even its presence, and the construction next ofX-Force could somehow delay his arrival. But Iger, if he confirms nothing, not insane, not much. Even if the great unknown concerns the classification of films, Deadpool being rated R and Marvel agree that the PG-13 :

“Is it that Deadpool was going to become an Avenger ? Kevin has lots of ideas. I do not say that this is one of them but, who knows ?”

Not worth it to play the soothsayers or doomsayers, we know necessarily that this will happen one time or another. Lack most as Disney buys Warner and DC, and it will be good. Or not ?


Deadpool will he become cute ?

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