It kills the wife of her lover with a hammer and then burn his corpse

Elle tue l'épouse de son amant à coups de marteau puis brûle son cadavre

Chiara Alessandri (right), aged 43, had a brief affair with a married man. But Stefano Del Bello has chosen to put an end to their romance, preferring to stay with his wife Stefania Crotti (left).

Mad of jealousy, Chiara has decided to eliminate her rival. And, to do this, she used a friend, 53-year-old, in order to set an ambush. The events took place on Thursday in Bergamo, Italy

The accomplice waited for Stefania at the output of its work and has forwarded a word where it was written “I love you” accompanied by a red rose. He explained to the woman of 42 years that her husband Stefano was a surprise.

Stefania was then left blindfolded and left to be lead by the herald. When she removed her blindfold, she discovered with horror that it was in a garage opposite the former mistress of her husband.

The latter was slain with a hammer until you die of old age. Then she sent a text message to his accomplice : “Thank you again for your help for the party. Everything went well”

The corpse charred by Stefania will be discovered the next day in the woods of Erdusco, 30 minutes from Bergamo.

Chiara Alessandri has been arrested and has confessed partially the facts. She said she had killed her rival in a fight, but she denies premeditation, and having burned the body.