It looks like a rare van ZIL Yunost

Так выглядит редкий микроавтобус ЗИЛ "Юность"

Copies of the bus amounted to only a few dozen copies.

Small buses ZIL-118К/119/3207 “Youth” produced a total of just over 80 units. And one of those bus ZIL-119 release 1992 is located in Ukraine. The car at the time bought for governmental summer residence “the dawn” in the Crimea. And then it was purchased by one private collector, reports the with reference to Toamasina.

Enjoy exclusive bus “Youth” were at the recent retropective RetroMotorFest 2018 held in Zaporozhye from 8 to 9 September. The first bus “Youth” ZIL-118 was released in 1963. The machine had the original design of the body, could carry up to 17 people.

It was based on the chassis of a government limousine ZIL-111 (drivetrain and suspension), but the engine took it from the ZIL-130.

In 1971 the bus “Youth” received the body in a new, angular design in the spirit of the ZIL-114. The machine had a length 6840 mm, width 2110 mm height 2067 mm. These machines were vypekalis until 1994. Early ZIL-118 was made not more than 20 pieces, and the family car 118К/119/3207 – 86 units.

Так выглядит редкий микроавтобус ЗИЛ "Юность"

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