It makes the work place of his spouse and shoot him

Il se rend sur le lieu de travail de son ├ępouse et lui tire dessus

The scene occurred last Wednesday at Fleurieux-sur-Arbresle, in the south-west of Lyon, in the Rhone.

A man, aged fifty years, broke into a shop selling fruit and vegetables, working where his wife.

With a shotgun, he was shot multiple times on his wife, before fleeing.

The victim was by helicopter to the hospital Edouard-Herriot. His days are not in danger but was severely injured at the torso, she remains hospitalized.

The husband, a hunter, wanted in a first time by many policemen, was arrested without difficulty, at his home in Fleurieux-sur-l’arbresle. His weapon was found at his home. He was placed in police custody.

For the moment we ignore the reasons for his gesture.