It reveals main myths about charging smartphones

Раскрыты главные мифы про зарядку смартфонов

Charging mobile devices correctly, can significantly increase their lifetime.The experts gave a number of tips in order to increase the battery life of gadgets. They revealed the most common myths about charging smartphones and recommend avoiding errors, to improve the efficiency of the apparatus. The first incorrect assumption tells about the overheating of the battery, if you leave phone to charge overnight. Modern devices are able to self-regulate temperature, so be wary of this problem is not worth it. You can’t put a smartphone under the pillow and then with the battery nothing bad will happen, reports the with reference to

The second myth about the need to fully discharge a gadget. New Li-ion battery can be connected to power supply even if not to the end of the energy consumed. Each time you recharge the battery capacity really decreases, but very slightly. For several years the decrease in capacity is approximately 20%. During this period the users get a new smartphone and did not notice deterioration.

The third misconception relates to the need to feed power to the smartphone only with original charger. This opinion is false, because if using another manufacturer’s charging can only prolong the procedure, but it will not affect the quality of the battery. With caution should apply only to products of dubious origin.

Contrary to popular belief, to use the gadget while charging. It won’t explode, not shock, will not bring harm to human health. However, the lifespan of the device will decrease. Forced termination and closing processes do not save energy, so don’t do it. And finally, experts advise not to worry about running Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and geolocation. If the battery holds a charge for a day, then these services will use up energy for about half an hour of functioning of the gadget.

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