It tries to suffocate a woman of 90 years by putting a plastic bag over the head

Il tente d'étouffer une femme de 90 ans en lui mettant un sac plastique sur la tête

The events took place Tuesday morning at Montagnieu, near La Tour-du-Pin, Isere.

At around 10 hours, an individual hooded is introduced into an isolated house where she lives alone Marie-Louise Camozzo, 90 years since the death of her husband.

The in his nineties was in her kitchen when she found the face of her attacker : “Take all you want but let me the life saves !” she said.

But the intruder did not listen to his supplications. He tried to suffocate the old lady by putting a plastic bag over the head, before the project on the ground.

The victim had the reflex to put his téléalarme she had to her neck, alerting her neighbour. Panicked, the attacker has helped the old lady to sit down on a chair, before taking flight.

Her neighbor rushed at the old lady and was found injured. Then she called the fire department.

The rescue, arrived on scene, they discovered the victim shocked but conscious. She had a scratch under one eye, but also marks and bruises on both forearms. She was transported to the hospital.

Her attacker is wanted for attempted murder.