It’s 2 : Andres Muschietti warns that the film will be a lot more scary and serious than the first






We will not let you repeat the history, but It will remain a big shock in the horror movie modern since, with his incredible success, he gives the actual tone for the productions to come.

Even if you have a lot of things to a criticism of the film, we are glad that It has all the market halls. Because we like to Andrés Muschietti (even if we prefer to Cary Fukunaga), but also because the film, mine, nothing, moved a little the limits of what we could show in the cinema (gender of the children, who are whacked) while keeping a foundation business degree. And that is rather reassuring.


Coucou, me revoilou !


Then necessarily, It 2 is in the pipes, even that it will arrive on our screens on the 18th of September next. As you all know, it takes place 27 years after the first , and will require our Club, Losers favorite, led by Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, to cope with a new time Pennywise, just to make him understand that it has nothing to do in our dimension.

Now that the characters are adults, this also means that the film can go even further without too much fear of offending. And, obviously, the adventure will be much challengingas just the remember Andres Muschietti during the Comic-Con with a brazilian last weekend :

“This result will be much more serious, more intense, and will be much more frightening.”


And I am way happy


Ah, but we cannot demand it. As well as, obviously, a little video of the making-of was broadcast during the event that our colleagues at Collider have detailed in their columns :

“In the video, we see Andres Muschietti to confide about his hopes to accomplish what he wants with this suite. It will be more serious, more intense, and will be much more frightening. the video also shows us a few artworks preparations that involve different departments working on the film. Another part of the video shows us the new cast talking around the film. That said, you don’t see a picture of the film even though we saw some of the characters cross a bridge.



My favorite moment, however, it is during the first reading of the scenario. If you can not see the actors lirent the text, we see the entire cast together around a table, ready to do it.”

So yes, he is skinny, but this is enough to raise the expectation a notch. And we hope that it will not take too much to wait to at least see a first teaser or trailer of the movie. Frankly, this would just be a Christmas gift royal. But hey, we said it, huh…


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