“It’s like a nightmare that never ends”: “Florence” took 37 lives

«Это похоже на кошмар, который не заканчивается»: «Флоренс» забрал уже 37 жизней

“It’s like a nightmare that never ends”: “Florence” took 37 lives

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: flickr.com/jay greinsky/CC

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Nearly a week after landing a devastating hurricane “Florence” on the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina the effects of the disaster become even more dangerous.

The death toll in the disaster rose to 37 people. The latest victims were two women who drowned on Tuesday (September 18) evening. They were transported to a mental health facility when the van County Sheriff’s office Horry swept away by the waters of the Little Pee Dee River.

I know it was hard to leave the house, but even harder to wait and wonder whether you have a home to come back, “said the Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper. However, he appealed to thousands of evacuated residents of the region do not hurry to go back, but also warned that the floods after the “Florence” is far from complete and will only get worse.

I know that for many it’s like a nightmare that never ends, — said Cooper. — Right now we need to focus our attention on the safety of those still in danger“.

According to the Department of transportation of North Carolina, more than 1,000 roads, including parts between interstates 95 and 40, are still closed.

In addition, without electricity are still several hundred thousand people, although the company Duke Energy said its staff had restored the light to 1.5 million customers.

Despite the absence in the forecast of serious rain and the fact that the sun can Shine in many parts of our state, the water level in the rivers continues to grow and we’ll watch the intensification of floods, “—said Cooper.

Today (September 19) President Donald trump has arrived in the devastated storm North Carolina and helped the volunteers at the Church the coastal town of New Bern, which had been badly mauled “Nightingale”.

At a briefing in Conway, the Governor of South Carolina Henry McMaster thanked the President of trump for the visit and warned that the danger still exists.

We have never had such a disaster — McMaster repeated the rhetoric of his colleague, the Governor of North Carolina. — Rain and water that you see here now is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come“.

The President praised the “absolutely incredible” response efforts and coordination, as well as promised the support in “stunning” the process of recovery.

Washington is with you, trump you, — he said — we are all with you 100%“.

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