It’s scientifically proven that diets make people gain weight

Доказано учеными: диеты заставляют людей полнеть

You should lose weight wisely. No need to go on a diet, even if I want to reset the accumulated over the winter pounds is to eat a more whole foods, vegetables and fruits. Researchers from the University of Helsinki presented data about why dieting can cause more harm than good, reports the with reference to

Healthy diets do not exist, because any diet implies calorie restriction, but it also provokes a number of violations, which ultimately lead to the fact that you get fat even more. Precisely this view was reached by Finnish scientists.

“Serious caloric restriction diet violates the metabolic rate and triggers overeating. To maintain weight, you need to eat regularly,” say experts.

In favor of this opinion is indicated by the data 10-year observations involving more than 4,900 men and women. The volunteers underwent medical tests at 24 and at 34.

According to scientists, over 10 years, the majority of participants were overweight. Weight gain in women was slightly less than 0.9 kg, men 1 kilogram.

Watching the attempts of the subjects to lose weight, experts made a conclusion: caloric restriction diet leads to the fact that junk food for a person becomes much more attractive, and food control is weaker.

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