Ivanka trump showed a gentle way in Jerusalem, ” the Chronicle of world events

Иванка Трамп продемонстрировала нежный образ в Иерусалиме » Хроника мировых событий

In Jerusalem, the solemn opening of the Embassy of the United States.

The daughter of the current President of the USA Ivanka trump is not lagging behind in style from his stepmother Melania. Every time a politician shows a perfect classic outfit that not only suits her, but corresponds to the chosen event. So, during a visit to Israel, Ivanka trump lit a gentle “bow.”

As you know, in Jerusalem, the solemn opening of the Embassy of the United States, which suffered from the country’s capital tel Aviv. The decision Donald trump has provoked considerable opposition and political conflict in the middle East. Despite all the warnings from experts, the US President decided to bring the case to the end and was sent to Israel, an official delegation headed by his daughter Ivanka trump. The American arrived in the country accompanied by her husband Jared Kushner.

“We opened a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, fulfilled a longstanding promise to the American and Israeli people. As my husband said Jared in his speech: “While many presidents before him refused his duty to move the American Embassy when they were in office, the current President did. Because when Donald trump promises something, he keeps his word,” – commented on the event Ivanka trump.

For the event, the politician chose a delicate chiffon dress which complements jacket. To the light “Luke” Ivanka trump picked up suede shoes. Perfect styling and light makeup completed the image of the President’s daughter.

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