J. D. Power named the best cars

J.D.Power назвала лучшие автомобили

Best small car premium segment model, the Audi A3, the American firm J. D. Power analyzes the customer satisfaction in design and driving characteristics of vehicles in different classes — passenger cars, pickups, SUVs and vans, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Avtodream

With this taken into account the views of users owning their own car is not less than 90 days. This year was chosen 19 of the best models in their segments.

Best small car premium segment model, the Audi A3 and among premium crossovers small size was not equal to the BMW X1. Another X3 from BMW won in the ranking of compact SUVs premium. In this segment of the business class leadership took the American Chevrolet Equinox, while the Chevrolet Traverse has won first place in the rating of mid-size crossovers.

In the category of best minivans were Chrysler Pacifica, a classic in the American market Ford F-150 was not equal among large cars pickups, and his colleague at the Ford Mustang in the category of midsize sports cars.

Honda Accord and Nissan Maxima were the only representatives of the Japanese automotive industry — first took the lead in the category mid-size passenger cars and the second in the list of large cars.

In the small SUV category, first place went to Mini Copper Countryman, best small passenger car was the Kia Rio, and mega in the US, the Volkswagen Jetta was the best among compact cars.

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