Jaguar taught new model to pedestrians with low vision

Jaguar научил новую модель пропускать пешеходов с плохим зрением

In an electric car installed warning pedestrians with impaired vision.It is planned that in England in 2019 will be mandatory system alerts pedestrians to your presence, installed on vehicles (AVAS). The first electric cars with such a system was the Jaguar I-Pace, reports the with reference to TSN.

According to the publication AutoCar, the sound of the machine has been designed and tested with the help of members of the British charity Dog team Dog for the Blind and exceed the minimum volume level is 56 dB (A) required in accordance with applicable EU rules.

“We have developed a system alert sound for the I-Pace to ensure the safety of all road users. Our potentially cost-effective technology is not disabled, and we are delighted to support the programme “assistance Dogs” as the leading charity organization for people with vision loss,” – said the technical specialist Jaguar NVH Ian Suffield.

The system is always on and is activated at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, in the form of sound generated by the speaker, hidden behind the front grille of the car. The volume of the signal increases as you increase the speed, and additional tone indicates a change of direction when the vehicle changes direction.

System AVAS not required at higher speeds as wind noise and road noise are considered to be sufficient warnings about the approaching car.

According to representatives of Jaguar, the sound cannot be heard by the occupants inside the I-Pace. It took four years to design and build such a system.

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