James Bond : the rumor of Idris Elba to replace Daniel Craig returns (again)






Rumor of Idris Elba as James Bond : episode 48.

Daniel Craig will come out of his suit and his muscles for James Bond 25directed by Danny Boyle, which will be shot in early 2019. This will be his fifth appearance as 007 after Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall , and Spectre, and the actor made it clear that this would be his last lap around the track in the skin of the hero of Ian Fleming.

Again, therefore, the favorite game of the lot : which to resume the torch Bond ? Henry Cavill is beautiful to have recently said he will not say no, Tom Hardy may be a possibility that is intriguing, it is the name of Idris Elba that keeps coming. What precisely is see the sign that he will not be cast, except that the latest rumor mentions that it is the producer Barbara Broccoli talks about them.


Let me cross brothel


The sources are on the side of the very unreliable Daily Star, and repeated everywhere by everyone, because the story is so much fun, that little unlikely. The director, Antoine Fuqua, in the promo for Equalizer 2, mentioned having discussed with the producer Barbara Broccoli. And it would now be convinced that it is time for James Bond to be portrayed by an actor of non-white. Let us also note that this is more the idea of a black actor, Idris Elba, who was allegedly the subject of the exchange.

While England will host in October a Doctor Who, as portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, the idea is nothing crazy. James Bond has changed with the times, the saga has evolved to reach the heights of delicious kitsch before being reborn to the mode raw and dry with Casino Royale, and nothing that the treatment of the James Bond girls illustrates the ability of mythology to reflect the world.


007 has survived it


Idris Elba is an actor whose charisma has stunned more than one(e), and has demonstrated his talent in Luther, Beasts of No Nation, or even Mandela : a long walk to freedom. And if a franchise like James Bond could prevent The Dark Tower, Bastille Day , or roles hollows in Star Trek Without limits or the MCU, this would be welcome. Speaking of that : it will be the big bad of the spin-off of Fast & the Furious on Hobbs & Shaw, with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

The actor is currently working on the series on Netflix Turn Up Charlie, which he co-created with Gary Reich, and which it will interpret as the first role : that of a DJ and eternal bachelor, who finds himself in spite of him having to keep the girl problems a friend is celebrating.


When you’re the cast of 007 and while Hollywood sends you a scenario


In the meantime, James Bond 25 has a mission : to allow Daniel Craig to leave the costume of a secret agent to the heights of Skyfall ($1.1 billion at the box office, love almost unanimous of the press and the public), and away from the doubts of the Spectrum (880 million, and a public and a criticism of much more shared). Naomie Harris and Ben Wishaw should be back, and while the rumor speaks of an antagonist in the face of the hero, this time.

The 25th episode of the saga will be released on the 25th October 2019 at the United Kingdom. The exact date is not yet known in France.


Idris Elba ready to dégaîner (if called)

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