Jane Fonda arrested for the fourth time in a month

Джейн Фонда арестована четвертый раз за месяц

Police arrest the Hollywood star and activist for the fight against climate change Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda) every Friday. It happened the 4th series in a row.

The Foundation says that it is not against of getting arrested every Friday, if that helps to resolve the climate crisis. The actress said that she moved to Washington for four months to raise awareness about the devastating problems of the planet we are confronting today.

“There is a powerful crisis that demands collective action, says the star. And so I decided to use his fame to raise people’s awareness. I’m going to go to the protests, and have me arrested every Friday”.
She calls these protests “the Friday fire training”. Every week she, along with other human rights organizations going around the U.S. Capitol to draw attention to how climate crisis intersects with various aspects of human life such as militarism, women and human rights.