Jared Padalecki drunk and beat people

Джаред Падалеки напился и избил людей

The role of one of the brothers in the TV series “Supernatural” Jared Padalecki (Jared over the padalecki) is arrested in Texas for drunk and disorderly at a nightclub.

The actor was arrested early Sunday morning after he stabbed two people during a visit to the bar in his native Texas. He beat the bartender, the Manager and his friend at a club called Stereotype. Friend brought Padalecki on the street, to appease him, then the actor hit him in the head.

According to Austin police, a 37-year-old actor was sent to jail pre-trial detention and released after lunch after posting bail in the amount of 15 thousand dollars. Padalecki was arrested on two counts of assault and indecent behavior against the background of intoxication.