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It’s been a long time that Jeff Goldblum does more than play Jeff Goldblum in the movies he accepts. And, apparently, he has not finished wanting to capitalize on his old success.

Not because it’s good, except for Thor : Ragnarok and The isle of dogs, the recent performance of Jeff Goldblum are more to stash in the box for “reversal of roles of yesteryear.” Obviously Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom and Independence Day : Resurgence where the comedian, free wheel, does more than play himself, with all the tics of game that this suggests.


Thor : Ragnarok


So yes, we are still friendly despite everything but it is necessary to surrender to the obvious : today, Jeff Goldblum is essentially became its own brand. However, the actor has a filmography sensational behind him and he does not need to retain a film where we have blown away, it would obviously Fly, the masterpiece of David Cronenberg.

And it’s good to talk about it because it seems unavoidable that at one time or another, this film has the right to his reboot, remake or its sequel late (even if it already has). Reached by telephone by the site Bloody Disgusting, Jeff Goldblum has spoken on his desire to participate in the project, with all the complications that this suggests in terms of the scenario :


Lord Ian Malcolm


“I don’t think my character would be affected by this new version because I am tragically found mutated between a fly and a télépod. But maybe I could come back as a grandson of Seth Brundle, or as a brother of Seth Brundle. Kind, he has a brother who appears all of a sudden. Who knows ? But working with David Cronenberg was a huge pleasure and if ever he was involved, I’d love to work with him again. I will keep you posted.”

Yes, so no. Well, obviously, we say that Goldblum is in mode giga troll for once, but when one recalls the state of mind that reigns in Hollywood currently, it is taking a big doubt. Because the studios would be quite capable of considering the return of the franchise in this manner and having regard to the mode cachetonneur comedian currently, there is no doubt that he would share with his big smile pest.

So, friends, let us pray that such a day never happens. We want to support all their bullshit but there are limits not to cross.


A dirty hangover

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