Jennifer Lopez spoke about the wedding with Alex Rodriguez and his attitude to age

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Yesterday the 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez has become the heroine of a daytime talk show with Ellen DeGeneres coming out on the American channel NBC. Pop diva and TV presenter was found in the framework of this program already in the 21 th time and chatted like old friends.

Jennifer Lopez on talk show Ellen DeGeneres

In the interview they not only discussed plans lópez, but also touched on personal topics. For example, Ellen jokingly told j-Lo that recently was chatting with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and he told her that he is going to marry the star.

He didn’t say it,

with a smile on her face said Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez on talk show Ellen Degener

So when are you getting married? Together you look so happy! Can you make it for Christmas?

— Ellen continued to develop this theme.

What Lopez has only confirmed she’s in love and feels with Alex is very comfortable, but to answer the question about the possible wedding with her boyfriend she tactfully left.

Jennifer Lopez on talk show Ellen DeGeneres

In an interview, DeGeneres also remembered that this summer, Lopez turned 49 years, and said that for his age it looks fantastic. Jen admitted that to keep yourself in shape to help her regular exercise and dancing that she does with youth. Host of the show also asked the singer to think about her age and is not afraid to grow old, to which she replied that absolutely does not feel his age.

I try not to think about it and concentrate on how I internally feel. And I feel young, full of strength and energy. Maybe someday this will change, but now it is so

— told Jen in an interview with Ellen.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

We will remind that not so long ago in the network appeared rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were engaged. Fans had began to rejoice for the star couple and congratulate them with a shotgun wedding, however, official confirmation of these conjectures has not yet been received.

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