Jennifer”s Body was a flop because it was foolishly sold on sexy Megan Fox, according to the director






Karyn Kusama returns to the marketing problem of Jennifer”s Body completely to the side of the plate according to it.

Revealed with Girlfight in 2000, which has revealed Michelle Rodriguez, the film director Karyn Kusama has disappeared from the radar a few years ago after the flop of the blockbuster Aeon Flux. The movie with Charlize Theron may have been battered by the studio, it is she who has paid the note in his career and in full take-off.

No matter, she is back on the scene in 2009 with Jennifer”s Body, a horror movie with Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox, sold on the name of Diablo Cody, screenwriter freshly oscar winner for Juno. Again, a disappointment at the box office : a budget of 16 million and only a thirty harvested in rooms, with in addition a welcome little warm from the press as to the public.

In full promo Destroyer with Nicole Kidman, who is expected to confirm its comeback after the superb The Invitation, Karyn Kusama is back on Jennifer”s Body, and which according to the small failure of his film.


Megan Fox + Hopeless


This is Buzzfeed Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody share their feelings on Jennifer”s Body. The filmmaker says he has asked the studio about the marketing angle completely focused on Megan Fox, shown as a beautiful plant super-sexy. In particular, following the idea of having the actress of Transformers appear as a presenter on a site of amateur porn to sell the film.

And the response she has received has been marked :

“The mail was not even correct from a syntactical point of view. The response was, “Jennifer sexy, she steals your boyfriend”. As if a cave man had written it. So this is how we are dealing with. “

When she attempted to dialogue with the teams of marketing, Kusama has been exasperated :

“In these discussions, I said to myself : “Oh ok, we realize that either we have made a film that they see a completely different way than we are, or what they have under the eyes is something they refuse to see”. And at the time, it was painful, but now I realize that it is obvious in this world. “


Karyn Kusama


Since the release of the film, much of the world is back on Jennifer”s Body, to defend and rehabilitate him. Era #MeToo has, in part, fueled the discussion. Normal because of the plot of the film, which focuses on two friends opposite (the blonde, shy and pure, the brunette sultry and cheerleader). When it is embedded in a human sacrifice by a rock band, she finds herself possessed by a demon hungry for fresh flesh. Jennifer will then begin to hunt her male comrades, under the eyes of his best friend.

For Diablo Cody, this story was a fantasy :

“Write a sort of horror film, feminist with a side of vintage was a dream. When Juno is released and has met with success, the people told me that I could write what I wanted, and it was my first idea. (…) The people were just well lunés at the time and wanted it to be because it was a little bit of the top of my career, after a film that had been such a success, unexpected. I never imagined that a film about a teenager pregnant with a Canadian unknown was going to be a cardboard box. So the people had confidence in me. Maybe they shouldn’t have. “


Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried


The results of the projections-test having proven that the male audience was not conquered, the studio had even more reasons to tweak the marketing. Karyn Kusama regret it :

“It disappoints her audience. This is a problem. And also, it repels the girls, who would have been able to appreciate the film… It is as if they already had the marketing plan in place before you see the film, and that they were remaining in it. I have always tried to remember, “guys, you can’t sell it to the guys, bring them to the cinema in the expectation of something, and that Megan Fox does not really remove his clothes, but rips the intestines of a type to eat at the place.” “


Megan Fox dressed


If Diablo Cody has certainly (and naturally) paid the price of the crazy success of Juno, and has been referred to by many critics, Megan Fox has also been highly debated. In particular, because she compared Michael Bay to Hitler during the promo, and has subsequently been replaced for Transformers 3 : The dark side of the Moon.

The actress has sent a statement to Buzzfeed in the context of the article, to assert its position :

“Jennifer”s Body was ahead of his time, and although I think that there is a discussion about marketing that may not be appropriate, I sincerely believe that the people were not ready for a film like this, at this time there. I also think the film could have been overshadowed by the relationship and relentless vampiric between the media and me at this time. I am happy that things have changed in the collective consciousness, and that now people can retroactively enjoy it. “

Amen, Megan.

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