Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Gerard Butler had the worst careers of the last 20 years, according to an analysis






What are the “worst” actors in hollywood these past two decades ? Analysis list the winners.

Thank You This site, which… compare, therefore, has released a ranking not very Christmas spirit to list the worst actors of the last 20 years, on the basis of the critical notes of their films on Metacritic. The opportunity to celebrate the best the wrong career choice according to a criterion admittedly limited, but very fun.

The big winners are called Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Heather Graham, Radha Mitchell, Kathy Bates side actresses, and Mike Epps, Kevin Pollak, Josh Duhamel, Robin Williams and Gerard Butler as actors.


Josh Duhamel in Transformers


Jessica Alba is the big winner of the losers, and who can be surprised ? As revealed by James Cameron on Dark Angel in the early 2000s, it remained on the radar thanks to Sin City and its sequel, The Fantastic 4 and its sequel, Blue hell, The Eye, Valentine’s Day, Machete and its sequel, Spy kids 4 : All the Time in the World, or even Mechanic : Resurrection. And these are not the few attempts less stupid (The Killer Inside Me, The Veil, Stretch) that helped restore the balance to a turnip. Fortunately, Jessica’s care, since she makes a fortune with beauty products, or something like that.

Same observation for Jessica Biel in the second position, which has crossed Jessica Alba in Valentine’s Day. Blade : Trinity, Total Recall : programmable memory, Love Coach, Next, Stealth… Then again, there are things much more interesting (the texas chainsaw Massacre, The Secret, The Truth about Emmanuel), but obviously not enough.


Thank you Valentine’s Day


A pity to see Radha Mitchell appear if top : was born in independent cinema with High Art , and Pitch Black, she has continued to align good projects (Silent Hill, Bird People, The Crazies, Melinda and Melinda), but has succumbed to the sirens of the hollywood on things that are more doubtful (Silent Hill : Revelation 3D, Clones, Orphans of Huang Shi, The Fall of the White House).


Not you, Radha…


Side men, Mike Epps can surely thank Resident Evil, Fifty shades of Black , and the quantity of films virtually unknown in France. Note that one of his attempts at more serious, the biopic about Nina Simone called Nina (with Zoe Saldana), has been an oven.

Josh Duhamel can thank his participation in the saga Transformers, but also A haven of peace, My movie project, Happy New Year, Baby, mode of employment, It was in Rome, and a few other nuggets.

Fifth, our dear Gerard Butler defends a beautiful heritage, with a lot of action movies man heroic (Machine Gun, Ultimate Game, RocknRolla, Gods of Egypt, Geostorm, and The Fall of the House of White and company, with Radha Mitchell), but also some marshmallows (The bounty Hunter, Love Coach, The Awful Truth).


Thank You To The Fall Of London


The presence of Robin Williams and Kathy Bates in the top of the standings seems out of place, but between the Night at The museum 2, The Butler, A big wedding, and The Boss, Tammy and once again Valentine’s Day, their filmos recent are moderately prestigious.

The rest of the ranking of the actresses also includes Ashley Judd, Kate Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, Dakota Fanning, Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Rosario Dawson and Jennifer Aniston. Among the actors, there is also Adam Sandler, John Travolta, Stephen Dorff, Vincent D’onofrio and Peter Stormare.


Mike Epps in Resident Evil : Extinction

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