Joaquin Phoenix speaks out on his future role as Joker






Generally, it complains that the modern cinema, if we dream, happens even more to surprise us. And then, along comes the announcement that Joaquin Phoenix will be the Joker. And, of course, it feels a bit silly all of a sudden.

It is thus a reality which we cannot escape : we live in a world where the great Joaquin Phoenix will play its own version of the Joker in a film outside the DCEU and directed by Todd Phillips, to whom we owe, among other Very Bad Trip. It was still a little hard to believe and yet, all of this could not have been more official.


Very Bad Trip


The film, which will have a budget more modest than her peers (even if it is when talking about 50 million dollars), should tell us about the origins of the character in a universe rooted in the 80s who should be surprised by its darkness and its hardness. If it is just about all that is known of the project for the time being, Joaquin Phoenix took the opportunity of an interview with the website Collider to explain to us what we were entitled to expect :

“I always take a lot of time to think and I decide before I begin a project. The process asks to read the script, of course, meet the director and to multiply appointments and conversations with him, Todd Phillips in the present case. It is very impressive and seems to have an understanding of this universe very interesting in what he is trying to tell.


Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker dreamed of ?


And then, there is something very attractive in the idea of working with him on this particular project. It is something that is unique, grounded in its own world and perhaps, and this is the main, perhaps, this scares me. And it might as well scare you off, you.

I could not narrow it down to one genre in particular. I would not say that this is a superhero movie, or a movie studio… It is truly something unique and what is most important is that Todd seems to be really passionate about the project and is therefore very generous. It is very exciting.




I think that, under the layer spectacular of these films and their big budgets, there are incredible characters who face issues that are very real. Sometimes, it is clearly stated and other times not, so I’ve always thought that some of these characters deserved that they be studied closely. And so this is what, according to me, Todd has found interesting in this perspective.”

A project so much more in the margin of any in current production that feels good approach “independent cinema” and could ultimately become a true safe bet from the catalogue of Warner / DC. Provided of course that the studio is not as usual and not freaking her out not in the course of the road because it is not doing enough to Marvel at his taste.


And the madness… in Short, everything you need for the Joker

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