Johnny Depp has intrigued fans with a kiss with a mystery blonde

Johnny Depp

Groupies 55-year-old johnny Depp, in secret dreaming someday to marry him, furious! The reason for this is a new picture of the actor on the eve of appearing at a fan page in Instagram. It is the star of “pirates of the Caribbean” (Pirates of the Caribbean) passionately kissing an unknown blonde woman dressed in a yellow lace dress.

Seeing this photo, fans immediately began to wonder what girl minichat with Depp and in what relations he is with her. Version fans was very different: many of them were convinced that this new girlfriend of johnny, others have expressed hope that girl is only his girlfriend.

Everything fell into place when the blonde from the picture (as it turned out, a longtime friend of johnny Letitia Frye) commented on a post.

Relax, we’re just friends. All for charity and helping the children! Send love to each of you!

— posted by Letitia.

Letitia Frye and johnny Depp

Speaking about the charity, fry was referring to the annual event Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding Show, which they a few days ago I took part together with Depp. Apparently, the results of this charity action so much pleased the old friends that they decided to build on that success with a gentle kiss.

By the way, many fans also noted that in this picture, Depp looks very fresh and never seems sick and emaciated, like a few months ago. Fans also came to the conclusion that the actor is finally recovering from a scandalous divorce with amber heard.

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