Johnson & Johnson will pay $ 8 billion for the product which boys grow Breasts

Johnson & Johnson заплатит 8 миллиардов за продукт, от которого у мальчиков растет грудь

Manufacturer of Risperdal, Johnson & Johnson, by the court to pay compensation in the amount of 8 billion dollars for side effects of antipsychotic medication. When taking this medication boys start to grow Breasts.

A jury in Philadelphia has approved an astronomical fine for the company because patients were not informed about possible side effects – the drug was associated with abnormal growth of breast tissue in boys. Johnson & Johnson intends to appeal this decision.

Antipsychotic drug Risperdal has been the subject of action after doctors found the young boys who took it, an incurable condition – gynecomastia. The breast becomes such women. Attorneys Tom Kline (Tom Kline) and Jason Itkin (Itkin Jason) prove that the company knew about the effects of drugs and deliberately kept silent, fearing to lose the money from the sales.