Joke of the day: drunk couple managed to buy a house

Прикол дня: пьяные молодожены умудрились купить отель

Businessmen “from God.”

33-year-old Gina Lyons and 35-year-old mark Lee went on honeymoon in Sri Lanka, reports the with reference to

When the couple drank 12 glasses of rum, they quickly made friends with the staff at the hotel in Tangalle and learned that the entire hotel is leased.

After a brief conversation Gina and mark decided to rent the entire hotel for three years.

“We were very drunk and didn’t understand most of the dialogues, so I just continued to drink and get drunk even more.

A little haggling, we eventually agreed on the sum of 39 thousand dollars for a three year lease and agreed to pay 19 thousand dollars for the first year, and the rest of the money until March of 2019″ – Gina Lyons.

After a rash of “drunk act”, the couple started to panic.

Besides, it turned out that they had a baby coming. “Our friends decided we were idiots. We have a lot spent on the wedding to end for it had not yet paid because all the money went to a business that can burn. The house we lived in a tiny apartment and we have a baby.

I felt like a bad mother. But we decided we need to work, and to do that, ” Gina Lyons.

But despite fears the British, their business went up the hill and brings good profit.

But the couple decided that the next big step they will make sober.

Прикол дня: пьяные молодожены умудрились купить отель

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