Joke of the day: drunk passenger fell asleep on the baggage belt at the airport

Прикол дня: пьяный пассажир уснул на багажной ленте в аэропорту

The Norwegian decided to “ride”.

A resident of Norway, being in an alcohol intoxication, waiting for your flight at the airport of the capital laid down on the Luggage belt and fell asleep last sleep, reports the with reference to

When the Luggage tape went, the 36-year-old man continued to sleep. Unnoticed service Rome Fiumicino airport tourist drove on the ribbon about 50 meters, until confronted with a powerful scanner who is viewing the contents of the suitcases.

Then the surprised officer inspection saw on the screen contorts the human body on the boot carpet in the fetal position. He stopped the tape and told about the incident to the police and airport services.

Because of fears that x-rays could cause harm to the health of hapless Norwegian, after removing it from the Luggage carousel was taken to the hospital for examination.

By the way, this is not the only incident of human exposure under the scanner at the airport recently. In July last year, the airport security personnel in the UAE raised the alarm when he saw on the screen hidden in the bag, five-month-old child. It later turned out that the couple from Egypt, without a visa for their newborn child, tried to get him such an extravagant way.

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