Journalists have found out, when the us military met with the “aliens”

Журналисты выяснили, когда американские военные встречались с «инопланетянами»

Ufologists excited about this news.

In the Network appeared the detailed information of meetings of servicemen of the US Navy with the UFO object for some period in the area of Mexico, reports the with reference to

According to official data, foreign media reports, a meeting of servicemen of the US Navy against alien invaders took place in the period from 10 to 16 November 2004. It was at this time the aircraft tried to follow the UFO appeared within the range of vision of the pilots.

The pilots did a lot of maneuvers, but the alien population was much faster, they spent some time in the visible spectrum, and then virtually vanished from view. According to military pilots who have become direct participants in pursuit of a UFO spaceship alien inhabitants recorded over the water near the Peninsula of Baja-California.

Following the meeting, the United States Navy with the UFO information were concealed, and admitting her secret. Only after all these years, has enabled to push forward.

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