Julia Roberts and the Romanovs: what TV shows are we waiting for this fall

Джулия Робертс и Романовы: какие сериалы мы ждем этой осенью

Julia Roberts and the Romanovs: what TV shows are we waiting for this fall

Author: Anastasia Bielsko

Amazon Netflix TV series series the fall of the USA

The harsh truth of life: the TV series more the more difficult to impress us. Post-apocalyptic future, where every man for himself? Been there, done that. Another touching drama about family and relationships? I don’t earn such a quantity of handkerchiefs, sorry. A COP with a dark past fighting injustice? Another one?

Fortunately, this fall, the screens will be released a few exciting new products that do not drive in a dream. Honestly.

Maniac (Maniac)

What it all: Locked in the crazy house, Emma stone and Jonah hill are traveling through the virtual realities. A lot of mind games. All very mysterious, kolanowski.

A nice bonus: the series debuts on Netflix, so don’t have to wait for weeks to understand what’s going on. (Probably something cool).

Watch out if: surrealistycznie and weirder, the more fun and better.

When: September 21,

The purge (The Purge)

What they do: the Arsenal of “the purge” — four films, and now TV series. If afraid to get lost in what is happening, or missed something critically important missing one of the parts of the tetralogy, we have good (in some sense) news: the plot of the films, usually not too different.

Events each of the parts take place in an alternate totalitarian America for 12 hours, known as “the purge” — it’s the only night of the year when you can commit any crime with impunity. And, of course, the dark side of your usually friendly neighbor, suddenly takes the better of him, and you better not be nearby at that moment. All somewhere to run, someone lynched and survive until morning harder than it looks.

(Yes, every film. Fingers crossed and let’s hope the show us something new. )

Watch if: “Game of thrones” have already learned not to get attached to the characters, and now you are ready absolutely for anything.

When: September 4,

The Mayans (The Mayans M. C.)

What’s it: you Missed “Sons of Anarchy”? If the answer is Yes, then your prayers have been heard; in September, the screen comes the sequel to the star of the series FX and the best way to deal with the “anarchic” brittle. If the answer is no, then why still do not give the “Mayans” a chance? It’ll be fun.

Look ifI was trying to find the “Sons” worthy replacement, but everything else just falls short.

When: September 4,

The Romanovs (The Romanoffs)

What’s it: don’t let the name fool you: it’s possible that this was a trick, and in fact in the series we will talk about Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

In General, “Romanov”, which is not even got a full trailer, we know only that they focus on the people who consider themselves descendants of the famous Royal dynasty, and that there will be a whole bunch of stars. Seriously, there are so many that I had to remove minute video just to list all the names.

Watch if: interested in the subject, like good actors and know bad Amazon will not remove.

When: October 12,

Manifest (Manifest)

What’s it: passengers of the plane, stayed in transit for several hours, learn what really was missing for five years. A little LOST (why five years have passed, all very mysterious), a little any other TV series NBC (friends of the poor fellow-passengers decided long ago to move on, all very melodramatic).

First “Strain” with an apocalyptic virus on Board the “Boeing”, now “Manifest” with the time travel on the flight Montego Air… These guys really hate planes.

Watch if: do not miss a single sci-Fi about the unexplained and still miss “lost”.

When: September 24,

The Charmed Ones (Charmed)

What’s it: I Think I once watched it on TV (there’s about witches, right?). All in ‘ 98, only on the CW without Shannen Doherty. Making the list for the glory of youthful nostalgia.

Watch if: also watched “Enchanted” — that’s the whole point.

When: October 14,

Just Kidding (Kidding)

What’s it: Jim Carrey and Michel Gondry combined for the second part of “the Truman Show”. Well, in a sense.

The story of a star of children’s television programs, finally forced to look beyond their fabulous world and meet with harsh reality. Sometimes fun, sometimes sad, and sometimes a little crazy. In the best sense of the word.

Watch if: you always thought that “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” is necessary to remove the series.

When: September 9,

Into the darkness (Into the Dark)

What it all: it would Seem that the horror anthology from the creators of “Away” already sounds seductive, but it gets better: “In the darkness” will follow the footsteps of his serial predecessors, and, instead, to get at the series in a week, will exit the series in a month: each episode is timed to the calendar holiday.

The first two of the series scheduled for October and November — Halloween and thanksgiving, respectively. And, it seems, to frighten us is not going to burnt Turkey on the holiday table.

Watch if: the horror — your all but one season netflixcom Dark was not enough.

When: October 5,

The First (The First)

What they do: buckle up, Everybody, we’re going to Mars! No, seriously. Bo Willimon (he is the Creator of the famous “house of cards”) returns to the world series with the story of the first expedition to the planet and the fate of its colonists.

Looks almost malikowski beautiful and rather mysterious, we like it already. And, Yes, there starred Sean Penn.

Watch if: you’re a fan of space sagas and good drama.

When: September 14,

Homecoming (Homecoming)

What’s it: Julia Roberts plays a specialist in helping war veterans return to normal life. But here the plot takes us four years ahead, and she was a waitress in a tiny sleepy town, refused a prestigious job and all of their ambitions.

Our goal is to understand what caused this sudden change. A terrible crime, a devious plot, the harsh truth with which neither the viewer nor Julia can not cope? Let’s hope all at once.

Watch if: you like to solve riddles and still not recovered from the closing of “Chance.”

When: November 2,

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