Julia Roberts showed a slender waist

Джулия Робертс продемонстрировала стройную талию

The actress is noticeably thinner lately.

50-year-old Julia Roberts lost a lot of weight, dropping about ten pounds, which aroused a storm of delight fans. The Network actively discussing the emergence of the actress at the Toronto film festival, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to ShowDream.

The other day Julia Roberts impressed the fans with her wasp waist – the actress appeared in a stylish black dress from Dsquared at the film festival in Toronto. Reasons for the visit were several. Roberts presented at the festival’s new series “coming home,” and the drama “the Return of Ben”, playing one of the main roles.

Admirers of Julia was delighted with the new image of the actress. Many came to the conclusion that it looks as enticing as in the movie “Pretty woman.” As it turned out, the secret to the slender figure of a celebrity is quite simple.

In an interview, the actress admitted: “I do not sit on diets, but I try to eat consciously.”

However, not everyone liked the way Julia: a young man from Australia involved in the selection of costumes for theater and film, posted on his page in Instagram photo, Julie, and compared it with a star of old Hollywood Joan Crawford. One of the users of the network issued under the photo unflattering comment about “ugly black nail Polish” Roberts.

The actress immediately placed Hayter: “In fact, this is a blue Polish with garnet crystals as an accent. In case you suddenly want to change your review with “ugly black paint” on the “ugly blue lacquer with crystals”. Just letting you know”

Джулия Робертс продемонстрировала стройную талию

Джулия Робертс продемонстрировала стройную талию

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