Julia Roberts starred in a colorful photo shoot the day before my birthday

Julia Roberts

Two weeks later, Julia Roberts will celebrate his 51st birthday. In anticipation of this actress became the heroine of the October issue of the American Harper’s Bazaar, in which she was interviewed and got Oprah Winfrey. In an interview with TV presenter actress spoke about one of his biggest fears — the fear of heights.

All my life I was afraid of heights! Perhaps this is hereditary because my father also had this fear. About seven years ago, Dani was invited to mountain hike. I thought, “God, I’ll do it!”. At that moment I thought, am I really still so afraid? And decided! However, this trip only confirmed that I’m still madly afraid of heights,

— said Julia in an interview with Oprah.

This fear and was dedicated to Roberts photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar: she poses against the rocks in a lush dresses of bright colors. About the biggest fear of the actress resembles a insurance, securely fastened to her waist.

In an interview with Julia also made me think about what a surprise prepared for her 49-year-old husband Daniel Moder, on the anniversary last year. Roberts said that together with her husband they will spend five days alone with each other in complete isolation from the outside world. First, the actress enthusiastically took to the idea, and then began to doubt that so long to stay without children.

On the day of my birth, we moved with her husband to the city, which had once upon a time were together. On this day the children played football in high school, and I agreed with the parents of their classmates, so they kept me in the course of the game. We went with her husband to the store. He suddenly came up to me with a big surfboard and asked me what I think about it. I was a little confused, but let saw our children who were hiding behind this Board. My joy knew no bounds!

— said Julia in an interview.

It turned out that the husband and children simply lied to Julia about football. In addition, it turned out that the friends who kept Roberts in the course of the game, also came to congratulate her on her anniversary. The actress admitted that this act touched her to tears.

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