Justin Bieber about the first thanksgiving with Hailey Baldwin and family: “Relationships are difficult”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

On the North American continent began the winter holiday season – November 22: the thanksgiving. Many shared in social networks photos taken during the feast. The stars of show business are also not left behind. Model Hailey Baldwin has published in Instagram a picture, but her husband Justin Bieber wanted to talk to followers about something else.

The singer told fans on the social network that thanksgiving this year is special to him because he said it in a family status. A month ago, he and Hayley confirmed that he is married.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

Congratulations to all happy thanksgiving. My first thanksgiving as a married man, for the first time gathered guests. For the first time both sides of the family gathered together. Relationships are difficult and love is not always easy, but thanks to you, Lord Jesus Christ, that showed how to do it. Every day try to learn and to be like him: patient, kind, selfless… I’ve come a long way, but Heaven has given me grace! — wrote Bieber in the network, posting a picture of a winter forest.

Photo from Instagram Justin Bieber

Realizing that relationships are hard work, Justin took them seriously, and the closest people to help him. Patty Mallett, Mama Bieber, on the birthday of Hayley said that refers to the beloved son, as to his daughter.

Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin

Photo from Instagram Hailey Baldwin

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