Kamensky has published a new photo with the captain

Каменских опубликовала новое фото с Потапом

Photos of the singer scored almost 85 000 likes.

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky recently pleased his fans with beautiful photographs, has recently published another photo that has caused among her fans a wave of new conversations about the personal lives znamenitostey.

Kamensky posted in his Instagram account a photo where she is pictured with Alexei Potapenko, also known to the public under the stage name Potap.

Kamensky has informed fans that she “met idol.” This was a signed photo.

It turned out that the idol singer is none other than the captain, with whom they had previously been in the creative Duo. The star noted that the picture was taken at Novopecherskie limes in Kiev.

This snapshot users repeatedly in the comments have suggested that their favorite artists are not only bound by creativity.

“You with him”, “this is not Exactly a chance meeting, you together, together, everywhere, in Italy, went to rest, it’s more than friendship,” “Beautiful,Then talentime.Very beautiful couple,” “First idol, then the fan, then 7 months pregnant, continue in the same spirit,” “Let them be happy together,” wrote subscribers.

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