Kate Hudson started training after the birth of her daughter and shared the secret to good form

Kate Hudson

Two months ago, 39-year-old Kate Hudson gave birth to her third child — daughter Rani rose, and a month after this event he returned to secular life. In early November, Kate attended a gala reception in Los Angeles, hosted by Michael Kors. Often come out mother of a newborn baby can not, but gradually, she has more free time.

Today Kate said about this on his page in Instagram. The movie star announced that he had returned to training and is working on a figure.

Kate Hudson

We have a child has a regime so I can start to devote time to themselves, but rather their health. Why? Because I want long to be close to their three children. The most difficult thing in the world is to find a balance of time for them and yourself. Let us not dissemble, children take the first place, and so it is difficult to allocate minutes for myself… But I intend to return to your ideal weight… I want to evaluate a new exercise and to eat healthy food. At the same time still want to keep breastfeeding, raising children, work, do not forget about your man, friends, yourself and do not go crazy, she shared with fans online.

Kate has published in Instagram frame in a tracksuit and promised to elaborate in the network on the implementation of the plans.

Danny Fujikawa and Kate Hudson

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