Kate Middleton and Prince William have pushed Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy to separation

Prince Harry/ Chelsea Davy

Before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle, he was close to marry Chelsea Davy, a novel which he continued about seven years. Chelsea was accompanied by Harry at the wedding of his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29 April 2011. And as it became known, the ceremony, which was watched by the world, had helped Davy to understand that she doesn’t want to be the Prince’s bride.

Journalist Angela Levin in his book quotes the friends of Chelsea and Harry, who remember the years of the novel the ex-couple.

Chelsea Davy and Prince Harry

Looking for a wedding ceremony, Chelsea realized that he and Harry were right when they said that they should break up. They came from too different worlds, so it wouldn’t work. Besides, Chelsea are very much valued privacy and personal space, – said the insider.

Chelsea Davy, Prince Harry, Prince William

In 2016, Davy told the Times that the attention of the media towards her was unbearably close, when she met Prince Harry.

It was crazy, scary and uncomfortable. I had a very hard and bad. Are unable to cope with all this. I was very young and tried to live a normal life, – admitted ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry.

Chelsea Davy

Prince William and Kate Middleton in their wedding day

Chelsea Davy at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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