Katy Perry said, for that she loves Orlando bloom: “Opposites attract!”

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

Relationship 34-year-old Katy Perry and 41-year-old Orlando bloom, according to the forecasts of insiders, we’re approaching the engagement. The actor introduced the singer with his seven-year-old son Flynn, and before that, the pair debuted on the red carpet.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Katie told me about the affair and did not hide the fact that she and Orlando have found each other. According to the stars of show business, the secret of their prochnaya communication in an effort to find balance.

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

He (Orlando Bloom. — Approx. ed.) makes me take long walks, practice yoga, eat vegan food. I like it! About balance. We like our opposites. I’m looking for that balance and, probably, Orlando is also looking for him, said Perry.

In another interview she compared her boyfriend to the anchor and admitted that Orlando is helping her to maintain balance in life.

For the first time about the novel celebrities started talking in early 2016, but after a year, Orlando and Katie broke up. In February of 2018, the press reported the resumption of the novel.

Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom

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