Keira Knightley in a biopic about the French writer Colette: the first trailer

Denis Gough and keira Knightley. Frame from the film “Colette”

The story of one of the most important writers of France, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette realized a 33-year-old keira Knightley. The film has already won over the jury of the Sundance festival and received critical acclaim, and will soon reach the Russian hire. Today, the network appeared the first trailer, which you can see the actress in the lush dresses of the XIX century. According to rumors, Knightley may be nominated for an Oscar for this role.

Because in those days women could not publish under his own name, Colette for many years published the only novels with her first husband, Henri Gauthier-Villars. However, Villar himself was happy with the outcome and enjoyed the talent of his wife. Only in 1904, she was able to write under a pseudonym, which brought her worldwide fame. On-screen husband keira Knightley is a British actor Dominic West, who played a major role in the TV series “the Lovers”.

Colette is known not only as writer but also as one of the first feminists of France. The history of her numerous novels surprise even in our time. One day, she tied a love relationship with a 17-year-old Bertrand, whose father was the second husband of the writer, the Baron Henri de Jouvenel. The whole time they were married and divorced after 11 years.

Keira Knightley. Frame from the film “Colette”

By the way, this is not the first film adaptation of the biography of famous writer. In 1991 he published the French film “Finding myself”, where the role of Colette went to the Matilda Mae, and in 2003 Marie Trintignant began to star in the film about the life of writer, but as a result of the accident the actress was killed and shooting was stopped.

“Colette” will be released in Russia on 29 November 2018.

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