Kendall Jenner revealed the identity of the secret admirer who sent her a love letter

Kendall Jenner

Yesterday 23-year-old Kendall Jenner showed in the Instagram stories the letters written by hand. It is unknown (the name of the star is prudently slipped) recognized the model of love. However, the intrigue of the star to keep for a long time did not, and today revealed the identity of his secret admirer (or admirers). The model shared a photo and two letters on the circle, “M + M”, and the inscription:

Nice try, my secret admirers, MERT and Marcus.

She was referring to renowned photographers MERTa Alas and Marcus Piggott. Apparently, fans of Kendall were not expecting such developments, as some were convinced that it was written by an ex-boyfriend of the girl, the singer from the band One Direction Harry styles.

The note said:

We may be far apart, but my love for you becomes stronger every minute. My biggest feeling is love for you. Will love you till death do us part… We are connected together, body and soul forever. I want to let you know that I love you.

MERT alas and Marcus Pigott

Fans even decided to compare the handwriting of the artist of the song Sign Of The Times. He Jun 2017 posted on Instagram a handwritten letter in support of the upcoming tour. The results of this investigation, many people shared on Twitter that caused a lot of controversy:

Harry told Kendall that he would love her until death.

Guys, this was definitely Harry’s handwriting is identical.


However, other fans were quick to admit that Harry’s handwriting is a little different.

I just spent the last 15 minutes, comparing a love letter to Kendall with Harry’s handwriting, and they are very different, it is easy to see.

Many believe that the letter sent to NBA star Ben Simmons, who is credited with a novel model in recent months.

Ben Simmons

In December, the insider told that the eldest daughter of Chris and Kathleen Jenner and Australian athlete always find time to communicate with each other:

Kendall and Ben recently many efforts have been made for the development of their relationship. They meet on a regular basis. They never argue. Kendall really likes Ben, and he knows how to attract her attention.

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