Keti Topuria after the break with Body spoke about the victory over fear of loneliness

Keti Topuria

A few days ago, 32-year-old Keti Topuria has confirmed parting ways with 39-year-old rapper Body (Aleksey Dolmatov). The gap pairs are discussed in the network, where a version of the end of the novel. Yesterday the singer one was released, becoming a guest of the awards ceremony GQ Super Women. Katie in the hall with other guests sang Ani Lorak and looked cheerful, and today threw in the social network quite different.

Topuriya told followers on Instagram about his fear of loneliness. According to the artist, she struggles with him for a long time and knows how to defeat him.

Keti Topuria

I don’t know if I already wrote you about it, I always was afraid of loneliness, never alone not left… But now I understand that this is a mistake that the fear of being single is the fear of meeting with him… it Stretches, stretches, collects, and you keep postponing the meeting… And now, you know, I became comfortable with myself, though it is sad, but I made friends with him, she learned to hear… I want each of you to spend time alone with yourself, at least for an hour a day, wrote Katie in the social network.

Guf Keti Topuria

In may 2017, the year she divorced her husband Lev Gamanam, married to whom she bore a daughter, Olivia. And in the summer of 2018 noticed her in the company of Gufa, the rumors about the affair you were having before.

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