Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel, explains why the Kingdom Quantum of Ant-Man is super important for the MCU






Seen as Marvel has just farted in his universe, leaving Thanos kill half the universe, one wonders how the studio will handle the result of its expanded universe in the coming years.

No, but, true, it is not at all worried. It is when talking about Marvel, a studio that was built patiently an expanded universe giant for 10 years and that is certainly not going to the fart two without having anything planned for the rest. However, they play with our nerves for months by throwing lots of false tracks, it is a no-brainer.


And this is all because of him.


Because the challenge of the next Avengers, which will be released on our screens on the 24th of April next, is just enormous, since, alone, it will redefine the MCU and put it on the rails as it will go until the next big break. And inevitably, after Infinity War, we wonder how all this beautiful world is going to become something other than a pile of dust. If the parallel dimensions and time travel have been discussed from the start with the obvious, the Kingdom Quantum, introduced in the first Ant-Man, the kingdom of the infinitely small where space and time do not want to say much, seems to have a predominant importance in the MCU.

Besides, the head of Marvel, Kevin Feige, recently recalled in the book anniversary Marvel Studio : the first 10 years, how much this Kingdom Quantum was important for the expanded universe :


The Kingdom Quantum


“At the end of Ant-Man, we follow-up Scott Lang in the Realm of Quantum for the first time. We then started to peel an onion that will be completely in Doctor Strange, then, that we go on in the multiverse. So this was our little test.

But now, the Kingdom Quantum is a whole new territory, with which we can play to tell our stories. It is much bigger than what we had imagined and there are plenty of other adventures to explore there, which is something that could happen in the next films.”


Doctor Strange, in the full trip

If we don’t have the image in front of us, one imagines, however, Kevin Feige send a great big wink of families to the interviewer. Because yes, the more time passes the more it seems obvious, the Kingdom Quantum will probably be the way for our heroes who died to come back. Maybe it will be one of the doors of the famous multiverse that we tease for months without ever really talk to us. We take bets ?


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