Kherson old woman became victim of shopping

Херсонская старушка стала жертвой шопинга

Victim of shopping in Kherson was the 88-year-old pensioner. Shopping in a supermarket in 49 Guards division of the regional center, for some reason she decided to climb to the second floor room on the non-working escalator, reports the regional edition.

However, to stay in the old lady and swept down the stairs.

In the end, from the supermarket she went not home, but straight to a hospital with chest trauma, a gash on his forehead, concussion and traumatic brain injury.

Of course, you can accuse her of recklessness: nobody was forced to try the escalator.

However, it seems that guilt must share the administration of the shopping center: it access broken outdoor steps are supposed to overlap on their repair time – just in order to avoid accidents of this kind.