Kiev offered to name a street “Witnesses of hot water”

Киевляне предлагают назвать улицу "Свидетели горячей воды"

The petition was registered on 10 October,residents of the capital I propose to rename the street Yakub Kolas street Witnesses hot water. The petition was on the website of the KSCA, reports the with reference to the UNN.

The petition was registered on 10 October and has already collected 51 signatures of 10 thousand required.

Author Vadim Sarahan offers “in the framework of the inevitable and long process of hardening of residents and in honor of a healthy lifestyle to rename the street Yakub Kolas street Witnesses of hot water.”

“Yakub Kolas street – one of the many streets of Kiev, the inhabitants of which since the spring waiting to hear about the hot water. Witnesses hot water – the people who bring hope for a brighter future. And a warm battery, hot water from the tap and shower basins”, – reads the petition.

Sarahan also added that “according to popular tradition, where they appear, they will hope for a pleasant change in the future. So be sure that the renaming of the street will help to return the hot water where it has been waiting for”.

As reported UNN, Kyiv city administration reported that in the capital within three to four days, the service hot water will be restored to those homes where she was absent due to the lack of gas.

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