Kikabidze suspected in Russia that he came to St. Petersburg to sing at the coronation of the thief in the law

Кикабидзе заподозрили в РФ, что он приезжал в Питер петь на коронации вора в законе

Russian media linked the message from the criminal world on the coronation of the new kingpin unofficial and official visit to Russia, Vakhtang Kikabidze, suggesting that Georgian artist could sing for his countrymen in St. Petersburg. About it writes “Express newspaper”.

It is reported that earlier it was reported that for the first time in the last four years, in the criminal world there is a new authority — Soso Gori, known as Socrates. As a result, in the underworld was broken introduced by the former leader of the criminal Shakro Young prohibition of the coronation.

According to the publication, the dedication to the “lawyers” of Socrates took on Cyprus. In the last 15 years Soso Gori, born in the Georgian city of Gori, he lived in Europe and answered some time for thieves “obshchak” in Milan. He then allegedly stepped down due to conflicts with other criminals.

In 2014, Shakro Young decided to ban the “coronation”, citing the need for reconciliation of the warring clans. This prohibition does not dare to break even the kingpin huli, known for his uncompromising demeanour.

Now, according to experts, example Soso can pursue other candidates for the title of “lawyers” that are waiting their turn.

According to some sources, the initiator of the coronation Soso is a 62-year-old thief in law from Tbilisi Vazha Biganishvili, and in opposition to it is the unofficial successor Shakro Young and holder of the all-Russian thieves ‘ common Fund Kakhaber Parpaliya named Kakha Gali. The researchers of the criminal world are predicting a serious conflict in connection with these events.

Therefore, in the edition believe that Georgian actor Vakhtang Kikabidze broke his own word and flew to St. Petersburg to perform in the restaurant “Chaliapin”, for which he allegedly paid 40 thousand dollars.

Kikabidze, answering a question about his possible visit to Russia, was rude to the local media, stating that he had not been in the country a “hand or arse”.

However, the Russian media do not believe that the artist is not familiar with his countrymen from the criminal world. According to some, “Chaliapin” just about “legalists” and the coronation of another Georgian “thief in law”, although it was officially in Cyprus could serve as a compelling reason for the invitation of the artist, despite his antagonism to Russia.

Кикабидзе заподозрили в РФ, что он приезжал в Питер петь на коронации вора в законе

The newspaper reminds that Mikhail Saakashvili, occupying the post of the President of Georgia adopted the law that permits you to prosecute for the mere recognition of the thieves ‘ world. So, if a detainee was interested in whether he was a kingpin, and he answered in the affirmative, he was immediately put in jail. If he gave up his title, then lost authority in criminal circles, so to speak, “on concepts”.

Thus, most of the authorities moved to Russia and fairly well settled here.

In addition, according to rumors in Georgia, the 80-ies and 90-ies of the criminal world helped Kikabidze and supported him. And Buba, what’s the name of the artist at home, responds “good for good”.

So the rumors that 80-year-old actor, despite the health problems, could as an exception to break the vow not to play in Russia and leave for one day Georgia to sing for “respectable people” in St. Petersburg, not without reason.

As previously reported “FACTS”, expelled from Ukraine another “thief in law”.

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