Kineticist: Jim Carrey, Emma stone and Monica Bellucci in the new series

Emma Stone. Shot from series “Maniac”

The second week of August brought two the news of serial projects that will be on the air in September of this year. The winner of the award “Oscar” Emma stone will play in a black Comedy from the Creator of “true detective”, and Jim Carrey will return to the role of a comedian with a tragic fate in the new series from the Director of “Foam of days” and “Science of sleep” Michel Gondry. This and many other things read in the weekly digest, which collected for you SPLETNIK.RU.

Released the second trailer of the series “just Kidding”

In 2005, a film by Michel Gondry, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” has received “Oscar” for best original screenplay, and Jim Carrey has opened for many of the audience from an unexpected quarter. Now he will play Jeff — host of the popular show for kids, whose life is bursting at the seams. His character is on the verge of divorce, and family crisis looms closer. He realizes that he can no longer hide in the illusory world of the scenery, and trying to cope with collapsed on him with issues of her own. Executive producer and Director of the series was made by himself, Michel Gondry. Premiere on the Showtime set for 9 September this year.

Published the first teaser of the new season of “American horror story”

Embryos, blood, skulls, and Scorpions — all this and more in the new teaser is the worst show on Fox. Ryan Murphy has recently announced the release of crossover between the events of the first and third seasons of his main project. The cast is constantly updated, but it is already known that will return the characters of Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters and even Jessica Lange. In addition, the new season will appear again actor Cody fern, who in the history of the house-the killer played a little of the Antichrist Michael Langdon. But actress Sarah Paulson first try as a Director in one of the episodes of the upcoming season.

The first trailer of the series “Maniac” with Emma stone and Jonah hill in the lead roles

A remake of a Norwegian TV series from the Director of “true detective” Cary Fukunaga. The main characters Annie and Owen Landsberg Milgrim become participants testing a new pharmaceutical drug. The drug that they test on myself promises miraculous effect supposedly helps to forget old sorrows and even to cure a broken heart. But in the experiment, it’s not going exactly as expected.

On-screen Duo of Emma stone and Jonah hill have long proved that they are perfectly able to work together. They met on the set of teen Comedy “the Vegendary” in 2007, in a way, this film brought him the first glory on the big screen. New series Netflix will be more satirical than ironic. And the futuristic scenery of the hospital, only add to the bleakness of the story. The premiere is scheduled for September 21.

The eighth season of the TV series “homeland” will be the last

A psychological Thriller about Carrie Mathison, who works as a Middle East expert in the CIA. The story begins with Sergeant Navy Nicholas Brody, who for eight years had been missing in Iraq under suspicion of involvement in preparing a terrorist attack. For seven seasons Carrie will catch the most dangerous criminals while trying to combine their job with a normal family life. In addition, the character suffers from bipolar disorder.

Earlier this year, showrunner Alex Gansa and the main star of the show Claire Danes said that “Rodina” is nearing completion. Now this information was officially confirmed by the head of Showtime David Nevins. He asked not to be it “cancel” the new season and said that the writer will bring the story to a logical conclusion. The new season will be released in 2019, but the exact date remains unknown.

Claire Danes. Scene from the TV series “homeland”

Monica Bellucci will play Tina Modotti in the new series

Many years, the actress wanted to transform into the famous feminist and photographer Tina Modotti. Now her wish will come true, Monica Bellucci was invited to play this role in a new six-part mini-series, directed by Italian Eduardo De Angelis. In the story Tina arrives in Mexico, where he became the main rival of the genius painter Frida Kahlo.

Modotti was involved in not only art but also politics. In 1927 she joined the Communist party, and in 1936 during the civil war in Spain was in the ranks of the employees of the brigade. In addition, in 1940 she was accused of organizing the failed assassination of the Mexican President lázaro cárdenas.

Monica Bellucci

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