Kinomoto: how Kim Basinger returned to the screen diva of the 40’s in the film “Secrets of Los Angeles”

Kim Basinger

Today, December 8, marks the 65th anniversary of the actress and star of the cinema of the 80s and 90s, Kim Basinger. The real success has brought her role of Elizabeth McGraw in the movie “Nine and a half weeks”, released in 1986. But in honor of the birthday of the stars SPLETNIK.RU offers to remember another equally popular film “Secrets of Los Angeles” (L. A. Confidential) 1997, which many critics called the last Noir of Hollywood, and Kim managed to revive on the screen of the iconic image of the actress of 40 years, although she played in the film is not a movie star, and prostitute.

The film “Secrets of Los Angeles” (L. A. Confidential) begins as a detective, but gradually develops into a tense love drama. There’s murder, the atmosphere of mystery and alluring melody played on a stretched string the complex relationships of the characters, innuendo, intrigue and betrayal — all the key genre characteristics of film Noir. The heyday of this style was the era of the early 40’s to late 50’s- at the same time transferred the film “Secrets of Los Angeles”.

In fashion and cinema of those years, the filmmakers got their inspiration, but for Kim Basinger and was a real prototype — actress Veronica lake.

The poster of the film “Secrets of Los Angeles”Veronica lake,

Before filming the film’s Director Curtis Hanson, along with costume designer Ruth Myers and art Director Janine Oppewall has watched dozens of movies from the 40’s and 50’s, and not only remained in cinema history hits, but the so-called B-movies (B-movies). The problem in this case was not just copy the era, but rather to convey a certain look at it from time today.

As noted by secular reporter Sid Hudgens, played by Danny de Vito in the beginning of the film, Hollywood depends on how you “sell image”. With the visuals in the film of problems is not exactly: the spectator is immersed in the world of the past, and memories come to life the characters of the “Golden age” performed by Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lancaster, Rita Hayworth, ava Gardner and Joan Crawford.

Kim Basinger in the film “Secrets of Los Angeles”

To plot an important role, however, plays another movie star of that era — Veronica lake, which, incidentally, introduced the fashion of hair with the curls combed to one side.

Veronica Lake

It is with Veronica, customers constantly compare the character of Kim Basinger, a prostitute Lynn Bracken. And because of the fact that the police officer Bud white seems to be the first who are not informed about the similarities, makes her sympathetic.

You are the first person in five years who didn’t tell me that I copy Veronica lake in the first minutes of acquaintance,

says Lynn.

You look better than Veronica lake,

— meets bad performed by Russell Crowe.

Portrait of Veronica lake house Lynn / Frame of film

The image of the lake was inspired by Ruth Myers and costume design for Basinger. In the film closet Lynn contains a lot of things milky white and shades of green. One of the most memorable dresses — satin attire color “Nile Water” (eau de nil). Just such a tone Myers imagined and real existing Veronica.

To judge, did she wear something similar in real life, it is difficult, as preserved mainly black and white pictures and film, but this was the fantasy of the costume. And the emotional component played a big role here than historical accuracy.

Flowing, slightly shimmering silk and satin fabric is also chosen for a reason. Through the costumes of the film-makers stressed some mystery personality Bracken.

On the one hand, you are attracted by the light. On the other hand, the impression is that if you can’t touch her. We get the effect that you are looking at it through a glass of water or through the gas (referring to the fabric — Approx.ed.) and something prevents you to touch,

— said in an interview with Myers.

Satin, in turn, was probably the main material, which is determined by the formal fashion of the 40’s and early 50-ies. For example, in such dresses on the screen shone Rita Hayworth.

Rita Hayworth in “Gilda”

However, in the film, you can find references and images of other Actresses of the period. So, in the episode at the police station, where Lynn is dressed in a suit and a beret reminiscent of the style of Lauren Bacall in the movie “Deep sleep” (The Big Sleep) 1946, and some of the dresses were copied from actual outfits worn by actress Lana Turner.

The name of the last, by the way, is also heard in the film. Smug ed Exley in the performance of guy Pearce says Lynn, “how would a whore nor pretended to be Lana Turner, she was a slut anyway”.

Shot from a film “Secrets of Los Angeles”

Lauren Bacall in the movie “Deep sleep”

Kim herself, however, to embody the image of beauty in retro style have had before — her resemblance to the divas of old Hollywood noticed the creators of the film “the Habit to marry” (Marrying Man), which was released in 1991. There the action takes place in the 40-ies and the character Kim wrote with the actress and singer Mary McDonald.

Shot from a film “the Habit to marry”

For classic film Noir, the film ends on a very positive note, Lynn stays with the Bud, and together they leave Los Angeles in search of a new and definitely a better life. The confidence that characters will be all right, decided to pass color — as recalled by Ruth Myers, yellow chosen specifically to viewers, the episode was associated with something positive.

In the final picture the heroine Basinger changing not only the wardrobe, but the image as a whole: long curls cut off without mercy, the resemblance to Veronica lake, brought her only fleeting connection, destroyed.

However, with a new hairstyle in Lynn now guessed Marilyn Monroe. At first glance, you can see the fear that history will repeat itself, and the heroine just changed the mask.

Marilyn Monroe

But with a new image and a new dress testify to the fact that life is Bracken out of stagnation. Before its appearance to match the fashion of the 40s, despite the fact that the story takes place in the ‘ 50s. the Heroine seemed stuck in the past. The new hair and the dress are clearly looking to the future.

An interesting story is related, perhaps, most recognizable attire from the film — a black velvet cloak with white satin border. The film Director Curtis Hanson initially was not sure if this is the right thing and Ruth Myers have prepared several replacement options, including the red coat. But as soon as Kim tried on black velvet, no doubt. A dress with a hood, by the way, wore the infamous Lana Turner.

Lana Turner

Hanson, it should be noted, was originally seen as only Lynn Basinger, but the actress refused three times from the script — at that time she only had a daughter and wanted to devote himself entirely to motherhood, but eventually gave his consent to the shooting.

On the screen Basinger appears only in a few episodes, but it did not prevent her from becoming the star of the film, and the role of Lynn earned her the award “Oscar” in the category “Best supporting actress”.

Do you like the images of heroine Kim in this movie?

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