Known vitamins were useless

Известные витамины оказались бесполезными

The antioxidants in vitamin supplements can even be a little harmful.The scientific Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a report about the study, researchers from the University of Toronto who were able to see the futility of pharmacy vitamins.

The researchers said that this positive impact of these vitamins and other prepared additives on the human body and health revalued. In fact, in the long run, they almost do not bring any benefit to the people, stated the authors.

First and foremost in your issledovanii they drew attention to the most common sold nutrients – vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium and so-called “multivitamin” Supplement, combining vitamins and minerals.

After analyzing information about the effects of these drugs, the staff of the University of Toronto concluded: “none brought the body nor any significant harm nor significant benefit”.

Separately, scientists have noted that antioxidants in vitamin supplements can even be a little harmful, “although they did not exert any influence on the body.”

In turn, the study’s lead author David Jenkins suggested that vitamin supplements offer the body much less good than containing these vitamins are foods of plant origin such as vegetables, fruits and nuts.

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