Koh-Lanta : why no candidate of the season cancelled will not participate in the program in 2019

Koh-Lanta : pourquoi aucun candidat de la saison annulée ne participera à l'émission en 2019Koh-Lanta : pourquoi aucun candidat de la saison annulée ne participera à l'émission en 2019

Remember : it was at the beginning of the summer. The production of TF1 had decided to suspend the filming of Koh-Lanta in a few days. “In the night from the 4th to the 5th day of shooting, a competitor has state of facts that could beassault-sexual“, said Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of the Adventure Line Productions in a press release Friday, 11 may. “These facts are not formally disputed by the competitor concerned“.

In the Face of this scandal, the production was therefore decided to suspend the shooting of this nineteenth season of Koh-Lanta : “As a producer, we have the duty to observe the consequences of this situation on the set. Koh-Lanta is an adventure game for family (…) production was considered that it was impossible to pursue this new edition in terms sufficiently serene“, she said.

The candidates of the season cancelled were supposed to come back on another production, but eventually, they all cancelled their participation, as said Alexia Laroche-Joubert to The letter of the audiovisual. We have all repeated that they did not want to be discovered by the other candidates to be a part of this new edition as candidates of the season cancelled, fearing to be punished, for having already lived Koh-Lanta”, she explained. According to it, one or two seasons should pass that we find some of the adventurers of the season cancelled. “Ce will be much more simple for them“, she assured. The next season of Koh-Lanta should come back in the first quarter on TF1.

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