Kozlov sheathed racket in Hiroshima

Козлова зачехлила ракетку в Хиросиме

Ukrainian tennis player Kateryna Kozlova are unable to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament WTA International in Hiroshima.

In the second round of “Japan Women’s Open” Kozlov met with the current champion of the competition Zarina Diyas. A Ukrainian woman tried to take revenge on the tennis players from Kazakhstan for the recent defeat in Chicago.

The first set tennis players spent without breaks, and in the tiebreak Kozlov picked up two points on the intake and not lost a single draw on his serve.

In the second game Catherine stopped holding his serve to hold the break, and she still failed. A chance to break away from the Gantry was at the beginning of the set, when the Ukrainian failed to convert the double break-point. Diyas immediately did break and confidently brought Seth to his victory.

The key moment decisive game occurred with the score 5:5 – Kozlov lost his serve, after which Diyas at zero filed in the match and continued protection of last year’s victory in Hiroshima.

Speech in Hiroshima brought Ekaterina Kozlova over 3 thousand dollars in prize money and 30 points.

Kateryna Kozlova (Ukraine) – Zarina Diyas (Kazakhstan, 6) – 7:6, 2:6, 5:7

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