Kristina Asmus shared the unexpected

Кристина Асмус поделилась неожиданным снимком

Kristina Asmus has shared an unexpected picture in which she poses in a seductive manner.Most often, Kristina Asmus in the movie plays a positive heroines, because she had the image of a “good-girl” reports the with reference to Viva!

Yes in real life the actress couldn’t fault it – quiet life with her husband, a strong marriage, a little daughter. However, as it turned out, Christine can be different, that she proved the other day, published in his blog an unexpected photo in which she appeared in a candid manner.

The picture shows the actress posing in black underwear, exposing the Breasts, and short red hair (by the way, fans hope that this is just a wig and she’s not cut her locks). That is to say, it came out very juicy!

Кристина Асмус поделилась неожиданным снимком

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