Ksenia Bugrimova paraded the “fifth point”

Ксения Бугримова выставила напоказ "пятую точку"

Ukrainian TV producer showed on Instagram a fresh family photo.

Ksenia Bugrimova was photographed with her husband in the pool just at the moment when he lifted her over him. She signed this photo: “the case when I lost the argument, and the husband won.”.

The focus in the picture was the “fifth point” of Xenia, which can not now take his eyes of her followers.

Compliments flow like water: “how beautiful you were..”, “Figure – super!”, “Ksenia – Such a gentle and sensitive Soul Man, Give it all to solve)))”. Judging by the reaction of the users of the network, nice comments Susie will continue to appear under the fresh frame.

Per night new family photo Ksenia Bugrimova with her husband made in the pool have been assessed by the huskies about two thousand subscribers.

Ксения Бугримова выставила напоказ "пятую точку"

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